Saturday, December 5, 2020

What is Christmas?


When I think about Christmas lots of things enter my mind. All good things that are happy and upbeat. There are so many things that I don't think I have enough room on my paper to list them all. 

When I was just a kid many years ago the most noticeable thing was the snow. Yes I grew up in Chicago, but back in those days we had a lot of snow. Looking out of our living room window when we saw the snow we knew it was Christmas.

After bundling up, I hated putting on a snow suit, we were off to downtown Chicago to see the Christmas parade. Marching bands playing delightful Christmas music set the mood in cheerful hearts. Then there was a variety of floats along with celebrities like the mayor and movie stars. Standing with the crowd on the sidewalk was fun. 

Finally Santa Clause with eight reindeer and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer came and brought the parade to a close. Kids mixed cheers with tears because they didn't want to go home.

Next it was window shopping at several department stores. The problem was that I was a short little guy and adults crowded close to the windows. It was a losing situation for me.

But there was still hope. Eventually we went inside to keep warm. Without hesitation I headed directly for the toy department. I spent a long time in each toy department. Needless to say my mother was patient with me. Besides visiting with Santa Clause could there be anything more important than toys? Christmas was a fun time of the year.

So what is Christmas to you? Perhaps it's a decorated Christmas tree. Maybe gifts, delicious food, and gathering with friends and relatives. Could there be anything better?

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Friday, November 27, 2020

What's on your Lists?

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. A time when friends and family gathered for fun, fellowship, and lots of food. The problem is that this precious time is taken for granted. 

While mother stays busy cleaning the house and preparing a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, other folks do the usual complaining. Living in American with the freedom to enjoy this celebration is a  privilege and should never be taken for granted. Shame on you if you fall into this category. 

My suggestion is that you change your attitude. List all the things that you can be thankful for. You may be surprised to learn that it is a long lists. Perhaps your lists is like mine: good health, family, a loving God, baseball, and more.

What is at the top of your lists? It should be God. Can you live without God? I don't think so. The death rate is one hundred percent. Eventually we will all meet God in heaven and live happily ever after.

But there are many other things to be thankful for. In the midst of living in a hectic world I enjoy a good baseball game. It feels upbeat. Also I enjoy collecting baseball cards. I have pictures of all the teams and am still working through trades to get pictures of all the players. Thank goodness for friends. With endless conversations we can talk about baseball all day until the cows come home which is never. 

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Is Baseball Dead?

With all the sports being played on a clock like football, hockey, and basketball, sometimes I think that a baseball game puts me to sleep. Do you agree? Have you lost your interest in baseball.

Fortunately there still is a lot of action in baseball and enough to hold a baseball fan's attention. A one run game, a spectacular play at the plate, and more, keeps filling baseball parks to over flowing across the country.

But wait, not this year. Covid-19 has left baseball parks empty during most games. No cheers with back ground noise. Only a recording to enhance our imagination. Otherwise it's like listening to a soap opera.

It appears like watching a game played on the clock will easily draw our attention. There is no doubt about it, people are sitting on the edge of their seat in the last few minutes or seconds of an exciting game. In hockey, for example, people enjoy the game even if the home team lost.

From my childhood many years ago I still enjoy watching a good old fashion baseball game. I'm from the old school. It's in my blood (DNA). Like eating Jay's Potato chips, I can't get enough of them.

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Baseball is not dead. It depends on your point of view.. Baseball is in the eyes of the beholder. During the baseball off season look for some baseball alternatives like read a good baseball book, watch a good baseball movie, start a baseball card collection and trade with your friends, research your favorite player and write about them, and sign up for our free newsletter and share. People love to talk about baseball.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Birth of Corner Lots Baseball

It all started many years ago. With  nothing better to do I gathered with my friends on a school lot and played baseball to my heart's contend. A tattered baseball, splintered bat, and wore out five-fingered glove, we had fun. Nothing fancy, those were the good old days. 

Today there are little league teams in every town. When long lines of traffic moved like a herd of turtles, we knew a baseball game was getting all the attention. In pin stripes and white jersey's with knee high trousers the boys felt like they were in their second heaven.

But back when we were kids nothing really mattered. In sport shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes, we did the best we could do with what we had. Making cardboard bases was our pride and joy.

In the midst of lots of chatter, enough to drive any sane mind crazy, we chose sides. One boy tossed a baseball bat to another whom caught it with one hand. Shaped like a fist, one fist after another started to climb the handle. Last player to have a firm grip at the top  of the handle chose first and the selection continued until all the players were accounted for.

A white little ball with stitches that resembled an appendix scar provided all the action. And there was enough action to go around for everybody. 

The batter hit a slow roller on the first base foul line while the fielder hustled in from the edge of the outfield grass. Gawking eyes kept baseball fans spellbound while sitting on the edge of their seats. Slower and slower the ball went losing steam until it finally stopped just inches from the first base bag. 

Another pop fly sent the boy at third tripping over some lawn chairs. Immediately three husky guys got him back on his feet and play resumed. 

Meanwhile the action started to pick up speed at third base. A sharp hit grounder was scooped up and fired to second base before the guy wheeled and threw to first. Bingo! Double-play!

The hot-corner as third base was noted for, required somebody with a lot of muscle. Fast balls rolling over the infield grass were unforgiving. The long throw across the diamond from third to first required speed and accuracy. The boys needed to eat their Wheaties.

Occasionally a home run ball cleared the fence. Larry, one of the boys, loved to hit the long ball. With arms built like Popeye the Sailor Man, he often placed baseballs on the green canopy of the general store across the street. Eventually, the store keeper called the police and got the boys kicked out of the neighborhood. 

But not all is easy going and fun. In baseball things often get a guy mad like a called third strike. The ball left the pitcher's hand from the far right side of the mound. Traveling faster than the speed of light it curved toward the inside of home plate. When it scrapped the batter's hand the umpire cocked his arm and called, "Strike!" 

On a third strike the fans booed when the batter slammed down his bat. Then with one chest rubbing against another, a shouting match started as other players rushed off the bench toward the plate. Near bedlam broke loose. 

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Rank and File

Opening Day is July 24th. Cubs vs Brewers at Wrigley Field.

Remember the TV car rental commercials? They were fierce. Avis strove to be number one and competed with Hertz.

What about choosing sides in a gym class at school? Counting off by two's wasn't so bad, but when students were chosen in a contest by their last name good luck. It was another losing battle if your name was Zimmerman compared to Anderson.

Moving up the Rank and File was always a challenge. Multiple categories demanded our attention—careers, education, sports, religion, and more. 

Based on merit the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Army, and more required our attention. No person wants to be left behind.

Many years ago I wanted to be the best kid on our baseball team. Np pitcher could strike me out. No baseball got past the infield. I was the best (smile). If only I would be so lucky.

On Christmas Day another number One was born. Jesus Christ, the Son of God came into this world, grew to be a man in physical stature, taught truth, performed miracles, died, and rose again and that demonstrated victory over evil. Life couldn't of been any better.

However the Jews whom just left Babylon after living for seventy years in captivity, rejected Jesus. They were looking for a King to come as a warrior with a sword and make things right again and restore them to their proper place in life. 

The reality of the cross did take place, but not the way people expected it to. By looking at the historical setting in the Good Book, Jesus maintained power and wisdom that offered us a different perspective about life.

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Feeling Sorry for Self

Dear Reader,

Is your life filled with gloom? Do you look up to tie your shoes. Learn to ride above the circumstances. Believe in yourself and move on.

Throughout most of my life it appeared that I was going no where fast while my friends and relatives were meeting with success everywhere they went.

My cousin, along with my aunt were successful nurses. A neighbor architect impressed a lot of people. Another friend was an underwriter/manager for a well known insurance company, while my best friend became a Phd professor in theology at a seminary.

My latest claim to fame was writing three baseball stories now on Amazon. Self publishing was a last ditch effort after many years of struggle in the job market. Feeling sorry for myself didn't help. While everything turned to gold for other people, I moved along with a herd of turtles.

Another friend of mine was excited about starting college. The most practical thing to do at that time was to attend a local community college and later a four year school. From a cost perspective many people did just that.

On the final day of orientation all the freshman met in the school auditorium for a pep talk. At the end of a long boring speech the professor said, "Many of you won't be here at the end of this year. Struggling, many of you will drop out..."

When Erin got home his parents were eager to learn how the day went. To their surprise Erin told them that he dropped out because he probably won't be there...the professor said many won't be there at the end of the year and he was one of them. Filled with doubt all his confidence went south.

Raised in Chicago I was a diehard Cub fan and wouldn't miss a game every chance I got. Connecting with a speeding fast ball traveling over the plate; catching ground balls and beating the runners to first base; and hitting home runs, nothing could be more fun. Baseball players had the confidence to believe in themselves and thrill thousands of baseball fans.

After the Resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples in a locked room. He showed them the scars in his hands and side and they knew it was really Him.

Thomas wasn't there, however when the disciples told him, doubting Thomas said, "unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my fingers where the nails were and place my hand in his side I will not believe."

When Jesus was present at the next meeting, Thomas was present. Then Christ commanded him to "stop doubting and believe." With confidence in faith he believed, shared his experience with Jesus from 52 AD on, and died a martyre in 72 AD. ( John 20:19-31 )

The moral to this story is don't feel sorry for yourself. Pity will be a road block to your success. Instead be confident. Believe in yourself and move on.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Baseball Appetites Never Go Away

Baseball is in our blood. It's in our DNA and never goes away. It's better than a lot of other things we have in our blood.

Even though I understand the conflict between our health and the economy, I think it is unfair to deprive baseball fans of the opportunity to watch a game. It's like trying to mix apples with oranges.

Has anybody ever thought of a baseball game without an audience? It's not very exciting but it's better than no baseball at all. If the players would just follow the rules laid out by the CDC, we all would be blessed with watching more baseball, and wouldn't that be nice?

Perhaps pride is blocking the way to opening the baseball season. Maybe it's a budget thing and overspending in areas we can't afford. How many times have we heard that one before? Greed can ruin the day. 

Yes the cover-19 and economic slowdown has created some problems. But we must learn to adjust. Many dedicated people, professionals and volunteers, have and are continuing to deal with the problem. Thank you.

Meanwhile for the moment we have no baseball. Only hope that there will be baseball in July. Can we asked for anything more?

 ***We have been blessed to share baseball trivia with many people. Currently we are launching a small fund-raiser so that we can continue to offer valuable information in our baseball newsletter. For a $5.00 donation (click the donate button) we'd like you to have an Ernie Banks poster with our compliments.

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Why is baseball so important? There are lots of things in life with helpful suggestions that baseball fans like to read about. Please allow me to share some of them with you:

(1) Baseball and life helps meet our needs and makes the world a better place to live. Budget, good health, education, and God, are only a few of the many needs available.

(2) Baseball is popular. It's amazing to see baseball parks filled to their capacity every time there is a game. In every town there is a Little League team. Remember the traffic jam last time you went to a game? Nobody wants to miss out on all the action.

(3) Baseball is a good diversional activity for depression. It helps to chase away the troubles of the world.

(4) Baseball is entertaining. Munching on a hot dog and sipping a Coke with friends is great. And it's fun to mark down all the action on a scorecard.

(5) Baseball teaches teamwork. Nine baseball players give fans the thrill of an exciting game. 

So won't you please help us continue to make the world a better place to live?