Saturday, November 10, 2018

Baseball Ambush

Ambush is like the element of a surprise. Perhaps it is a surprise attack or made on people whom are completely unaware to what is happening.

Being ambushed reminds me of the John Wayne movie "True Grit." A drunken hard nose US Marshall along with a Texas Ranger wait in the woods on an attempt to ambush some bandits. Their goal was to help a stubborn young woman find the murderers whom killed her father. Wow! Suspenseful.

For history buffs I think of the Warren Wagon Train raid (1871). Supplies were being hauled to forts in Texas when they were attacked by Native American warriors (Kiowa and/or Comanche). Shifting their formation into a ring formation a bloody fierce battle or ambush followed that allowed only five men to escape. 

On a more positive note I like the element of surprise watching a baseball game that is scoreless for nine innings. Then, in overtime it is tied (1-1) only to learn that after thirteen innings my favorite team lost 2-1. Sad and disappointing.

Back in the real world a day doesn't go by when we don't face or encounter sudden changes in our life beyond our immediate control like illness, job lost, financial difficulties, family or spiritual conflicts, and more. The solution is to prepare and cope which is easier said than done.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Who Stares at Change?

Change is staring me in the face. I can't get away from it, nor can you. Good or bad it can be devastating and something we encounter every day in life.

When I think about change my pockets are hugging my ankles. It's dragging me down—quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies.

But not anymore because plastic money has taken over. The debit card has changed my life style and probably yours. Unfortunately, now there is the temptation to be big spenders. Buy more than we can afford. Wow! The purchasing power of money. Will it ever end?

The 2018 World Series event just ended. It's November and my love for baseball must be put on the back burner. It's another big change in my life. No more MLB-TV baseball until next spring. Oh well, what else is new?

Baseball is a morale builder to me. Whenever I feel like I'm down in the dumps I think about baseball. It's a missing piece to my puzzle off season. A devastating change if I didn't know how to cope with it. Time to look for a positive alternative. Perhaps read a good baseball book.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Mind of a Baseball

According to the Random House Dictionary, 'personification' is the representation of a thing or abstraction in the form of a person as in art. Wow! Did you ever see a lamp post or broom talk?

The fun in being a writer is the privilege to make something come alive with human characteristics. In my book, Boys on the Gold Coast, a baseball suddenly comes alive. Please allow me to take you inside the mind of a baseball.

"It's a good thing I'm not afraid of speed or height. I travel very fast and slow...I get knocked around just like people in real face is eyes, nose, mouth, or hairline, only stitches like an appendix scar...folks I'm different...I don't have feelings. I am a baseball.

"One day I found myself comfortable inside the web of a baseball glove...suddenly I felt a cool breeze as I was lifted I traveled through the air the breeze picked up speed against my face...around me everything appeared front of me I saw a brown patch resembling a baseball glove...but I never got there...out of nowhere a piece of wood sent me into a different direction..." 

As a writer it was fun to personify a baseball. It created a new dynamic to a baseball story and readers loved it. It brought out a new dimension to life that all of us can identify with. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Do You Need Some Excitement?

Play ball! Let the excitement begin. And who doesn't enjoy watching an exciting baseball game. 

Throughout the year thousands of fans are entertained at a baseball park. Grounders escape  the infield; players hustle to catch a fly ball; called third strike; one run win; and more.  Sipping soda pop and munching hot dogs adds to the fun. 

Now eight teams that survived through the regular season battle it out for the prized possession to be World Series Champions. It's a pyramid system where the American and National League team will show who has all the right stuff. 

Like you, I love all the excitement and can never get enough at the old ball park. Do you need some excitement in your life? Why not, try watching and enjoying a baseball game with your friends?


Friday, October 12, 2018

Baseball Skills

It's exciting to see a line drive hug the line while traveling over third base into left field.

With the right stuff anybody can be a baseball player. Yes, it's in the DNA.

With the right equipment a baseball player can win ball games and keep baseball fans happy.

The skills of a great shortstop will not let any baseball escape into left field. And he is alert enough to toss out a force at second, assist in a double-play, or catch high pop-ups over the infield grass.

The action of a baseball traveling over home plate is determine by how the ball is held when it leaves the pitcher's mound.

A baseball team has many skills and talents. The professional player gives thousands of baseball fans a thrill.

From 0-100 years old. Not quite, but baseball teams do comprise a wide age range. While some of the young players lack enough experience, others, like managers, struggle walking to the pitcher's mound from the dugout.

Most professional league baseball players have baseball skills in their DNA. But the challenge comes when they perfect those skills in training camp.

From the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, United States, and more, the players come from all over the world. Baseball fans love it and keep coming back for more baseball. 

Just like in baseball your life is a composite of many things that makes the world go around. Enjoy what the good Lord has given you and don't take any of them for granted.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Why is life Boring?

It's the same old boring stuff. It's like watching a herd of turtles in a race and falling asleep.

The real Problem is that life is dull and without meaning. Nothing to get excited about.

As a diehard baseball fan I always enjoyed watching an exciting baseball game. The play-by-play action kept me sitting on the edge of my seat. But one run games without many base runners might force me to leave 45000 fans behind and leave the ball park. Nothing lost nothing gained.

Marlene, a good friend, recently left her hospital receptionist job to join other ladies in the surgical preadmit office. Now she enjoys talking to patients on the phone with lots of Q and A and feels like she's in her second heaven. 

Thirty college students struggled trying to stay awake during a boring lecture on Syllogisms in a Logic Class. Example after example filled the blackboard before a babbling professor whom never knew when to stop. 

The Solution to a boring situation is to seek a positive alternative. Something more mentally stimulating and challenging.

But Solutions need Actions in order to be effective. Below are a few examples that will knock your socks off:
  1. Name all the United States presidents.
  2. Visit all Major League baseball parks.
  3.  Pick your favorite author and start reading.
  4. Join a knitting group at your local restaurant.
  5. Prepare Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meals.
No, life is not the same old boring stuff if we make up our mind to do something positive about it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Who is a Failure?

Sometimes we feel like an utter failure in life. Our friends are successful. Everything they do turns to gold, but not us. Do you feel that way some time?

A good friend of mine has lived on planet earth for a long time. If he keeps going the way he is he probably will out live me. Maybe?

But in the marketplace he always met with some discouragement. He felt like he was hitting a brick wall. He had several different jobs, was well educated, a hard worker, tried networking, and even self-employment. But he never found his niche in life, had no real peace and satisfaction, and continued to aimless drift about.

Meanwhile his friends could do nothing wrong. Using networking in their career things kept getting better, they had lots of friends, and opportunities continued to fall into their lap.

Why do some people get all the breaks? Bad luck is not their middle name while other hard working people meet discouragement at every corner. No matter how hard they try, things just appear to be getting worst.

The world is not always a nice place to be. Many times folks feel like they are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Most difficult is performing in a marketplace far below their capabilities and treated accordingly by their peers. But don't give up, develop a tough skin, and you might find success just around the corner.

So who is a failure? Only those people whom believe they have failed and allow it to control them. But there is hope because failure can lead to success.