Saturday, February 22, 2020

Orville's Sacrifice

Everybody likes to move forward with their career. Nobody wants to be left behind. It sounds like a play on words.

The name of the game is to out perform their neighbor. Be a better person. Don't drag your feet. 

But how do you become the best? It's easy if you take the time to figure it out. But first, you must know who you are, and what you want to be. 

A good friend of mine always wanted to be a college professor. He was interested in Old Testament Theology. Phd requirements specified a linguistic background. Now living in America, this gentleman from Holland, already knew several foreign languages. It was in his DNA. Today, many years later, he is a retired professor with the experience of three renowned seminaries and travels around the world. 

In today'd modern world the key to success is having a college degree, and marketable skills, along with a good work ethic.

There is no FREE ride to learning. Things don't just fall into your lap. So get organized, establish priorities, look for options, and move on.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. There is no better road than one that leads to success.

To help you further along allow me to suggest a good book titled: The Unknown Baseball Player by Marvin P. Ferguson, available as an ebook for $2.99 on Amazon. It's practical with lots of good suggestions on how to live above the circumstances.

The following example may wet your appetite to read more: "The sound of a bullwhip echoed throughout the farm...nothing else...the sound of a whip cracking on his back was like the cadence of a drum beating in a parade. (chapter 11) Orville suffered because of his love for baseball. Read more at:

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

How To Pitch The Fast Ball

It traveled faster than the speed of light when it left the pitcher's mound. The loud noise in the catcher's mitt gave it away. The batter missed making contact with the ball.

"Strike!" shouted the ump while cocking his right arm. 

I'm always fascinated by the fast ball. If the pitcher can maintain his control allowing the ball to travel close to the plate, more hitter's will never reach first base. 

Don Drysdale had a great stinging fast ball among other pitches. The L.A pitcher kept baseball fans sitting spellbound on the edge of their seat.

When I had nothing better to do with my time I often practiced pitching the fast ball. In the local park with a buddy we played catch all day.

So here''s how to pitch the fast ball. Place your two fingers next to your thumb on the seams of the ball with your thumb firmly gripping the ball underneath and forming a claw. On delivery snap your wrist forward thus allowing the ball to spin backwards off your fingers. And the thrill was all mine watching my opponents struggle to hit the ball. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Who is the Pitcher?

If this were many years ago on a warm day in July, I'd be in my back yard pitching my tennis ball against the garage wall. And my mind would be going crazy with lots of imagination.

On each pitch I would go into an abbreviated wind up and fire my ball against the garage wall. A called third strike, slow roller back to the short stop scooped up fired to first base, or hustling to catch a high pop up off a rusty nail. Those were the days. There wasn't anything I couldn't do and it was fun to dream. 

The garage wall was forty feet by twenty feet that linked a four story apartment building to a two story couch house. On the other side was an alley that accommodated four cars. 

On the pitcher's mound or in the field was paradise to me. And listening to the baseball fans, 35,000 strong was exhilarating. I was the star player and could do nothing wrong. The fans loved it. Oh occasionally there were a few boos but who cared? 

Baseball put me into a different world that I loved. There was no other place I'd rather be. It was like living in paradise but it will have to wait. In the midwest we were still in the midst of winter.  What else is new in the real world? 

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Winter Baseball

As a kid many years ago I always enjoyed playing baseball on Corner Lots with my friends.

But winter with cold weather and a blanket of snow changed that. Tossing a baseball around in a snow suit was next to impossible. Not practical to play ball in gloves and boots.

I missed playing baseball with my friends, but not all was lost. There was winter baseball in Cuban. Back than Cuban was a beautiful country and a desirable vacation site. It was hard to believe that it was a free country at one time. Times have changed.

ABC-TV televised winter baseball out of Cuban at that time. I even recalled a baseball game in New York that showed Fidel Castro warming up in the bull pen. 

Nevertheless, baseball season in 2020 is just around the corner. Spring training is about to start and fans are already getting tickets, eager to watch their favorite team. And if I didn't like it my mother always said I should move to somewhere else and stop complaining. 

Another thought to consider. Since there are so many baseball parks  with a roof like Miller Park in Milwaukee and elsewhere, wouldn't it make sense to have winter baseball? In door baseball parks make it possible to play baseball in adverse weather conditions. Your comments are appreciated.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Is Money Important?

Money makes the world go around. Or does it? Money is power and with it we can do anything. And the goal for money is to have adequacy and maintain a comfortable budget.

I just completed a heart valve replacement along with a triple by-pass. Then it was home to convalesce, restore muscle strength, and endurance. 

As I focused on my recovery I began to realize that money wasn't everything. Good health is more important than having more money than a person knows what to do with it. 

For many years I focused on a nice house, money in the bank, a nice car in my drive way, and more money than I could ever imagine having. But not anymore. Could there be anything more important than good health?

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Monday, January 13, 2020

The Magic Formula

I'm looking for a magic formula that will chase away the troubles of the world. There is no doubt, to chase away the troubles of the world requires more than luck or magic. It requires lots of work and action. 

This sounds like wishful thinking, but it's not. With a good plan all things are possible. But what is a good plan?

In all the years that I have lived on planet earth, I have come to realize that with the right attitude (mind-set) things do get accomplished. The opposite trend is just being pure lazy. Do you agree?  

If the right mind-set is an active part of your life, please take a few minutes to share with us your own personal experiences that helped you develop the right mind-set as you met the challenge of working with some of your projects. Our readers would like to learn. 

If you ever feel down on your luck you might like to read Boys On The Gold Coast, an ebook available on Amazon for $2.99.    

Friday, December 20, 2019

Lady With a Heart of Gold

The lady had a heart of gold. Folks in the neighborhood loved her, She loved to bake cookies at Christmas time. Wishing her a Merry Christmas, everybody whom visits her gets a plate of delicious cookies. Wow! Yum! Yum!

Yes, the lady had two ten year old kids, and always wanted the best for them which included a Christmas tree. The problem is she didn't drive, and was a widow since we were two years old. 

The lady lived in a small apartment in the big city, Chicago, Illinois. Living on the first floor of a four story building made life a little bite easier.

So my sister and I, with mom's help, got out the old sled and walked the 5 mile radius searching for tree lots. Once it was tied down, using our muscles we weathered the cold and snow many times to get our celebrity home. It felt like eternity. People with trucks and cars were envied. 

Following dinner, our uncle made us a tree stand. Every year a gorgeous tree decorated our living room. The lady with the gold heart was our mother. Does your mother have a gold heart?