Monday, December 22, 2014

Baseball Heroes Are Not Born

Baseball heroes are not born, they are made. Through a deep passion to be successful, they roll up their sleeves and work hard to develop their baseball skills to perfection. 

Remember the movie "The Natural" with Robert Redford? Roy Hobbs grew up on a farm and in his spare time played catch with his father , and eventually learned how to over come many obstacles in his life to become a baseball hero.

Or what about Joe Castle, the boy wonder of baseball, in Calico Joe by John Grisham? The unknown player became a home run hitter and helped win many ball games for the Chicago Cubs.

Bound and determined there are many baseball heroes who started from humble beginnings only to become baseball greats and entertain fans all over the world like Babe Ruth, Ernie Banks, and Derek Jeter to say the least.

I'm always intrigued to learn about the success story of people whom started out from humble beginnings. And when we ponder the thought, maybe, just maybe you and I can learn something from these baseball celebrities.