Thursday, November 23, 2017

Why Wrigley Field?

Gloom and doom hovered over Wrigley Field for many years because there were no night games. While other fans continued to enjoy all the thrills and excitement watching games under the lights, Cub fans suffered. Night games at Wrigley Field was wishful thinking.

The late Jack Brickhouse, TV anchorman for the Chicago Cubs, always said that baseball was meant for day games. But why? It has nothing to do with winning ball games.

The big day finally came on August 8, 1988. "Three-Two-One...Let there be Light." A 91-year-old Cub fan shouted while pushing the button as thousands of Cub fans cheered.  And immediately six light towers flickered to life.

Why the 380 degree turn? Perhaps an angel whispered into somebody's ear. More likely money was a key factor. Whatever, Wrigley Field now had night games.

Today, thousands of Cub fans line up at the gate for night games at Wrigley Field. With hot dogs and soda pop nothing could be better than being the World Series champions in 2016. Congratulations! Go-Cubs-Go! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Why Did the Rolling Heads Lose?

No, the rolling heads is not a musical group. Instead it's an expression used to describe what happened to some good baseball managers.

Managing a baseball team through the play-offs and into the World Series is commendable. There are three reasons why losing their jobs cannot be justified.

First, is the blame game. Somebody had to pay the price and it might as well be the managers. The team needed a face lift and was desperate for change.

Another reason is lack of support. Coaches and players couldn't get the job done. Success often depends on whom you associate with.

Finally, a lack of expertise. Call it poor judgement. The manager didn't know how to use the talent and skills of his players. Winning ball games required good pitchers, fielding, and hitting.

In the real world management depends on many factors. Who is in control? What are the best choices? We may never know the answer to why the rolling heads. Meanwhile, we must do what we have to do, pick ourselves up by our boot straps, and move on.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Why is Average Excellent?

In real life I often got discouraged because I felt like the average kid on the block. Just like in baseball I was competing with the superstars and excellence ruled the day. 

Look at this picture. Where are you? Are you lost in the crowd? Do you feel insignificant? It doesn't have to be that way and I'll give you three reasons why.

First, you don't have to be a genius to hit a baseball. Don't compare yourself to the other guy. In real life just follow the dictates of your heart and do it. The end result will amaze you.

Second, if there are more chiefs than Indians nothing will get accomplished. Just look at a bunch of old men sitting in a dugout and managing a baseball team with only two players on the field. Do you get the message?

Last, battling the war game between average and excellence is a mindset thing. Feel sorry for yourself, allow your brain to freeze, and the result is a big zero. Instead be positive and move on.

When I was in college I struggled with all the smart students until my friend said, "God must have been in favor of the average person because He made so many of them." Now I think different, feel better, and hope you are the same. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Baseball and Blended Colors

The boys and girls met on a corner lot to play baseball. Through the use of talents, skills, and blended colors they won ball games.

A fast ball traveling toward the plate challenged the hitter until he connected with the ball and sent it deep into left field. Good skill.

At third base number forty-three gobbled up a grounder, gauged his distance, and made the long throw across the diamond to first. Another good skill.

There were no cultural barriers in baseball either. Whether you came from Mexico, Japan, America, or wherever, it didn't matter. Just like mixing the color yellow and purple to get green, combining baseball talent and skills to win baseball games and cheer the crowd mattered most.

It takes all kinds of people to make a world. Let us put our prejudice behind us and move forward with our God given talents and skills. Do you agree?


Friday, November 3, 2017

Corner Lots Baseball Game

Born and raised in Chicago I grew up as a diehard baseball fan. You could say baseball is in my blood.

When I wasn't playing baseball with my cousin Al in a local park I was entertaining myself with a baseball game that I created back when I was young and good looking (smile).

Baseball players were detailed plastic from an old cereal box top offer with a game board surrounded by three inch walls and real dugouts that I made. Responding to a spinner created all the action and it was fun watching those little guys race around the bases and score runs.

Now, as an old timer, I still enjoy playing "Corner Lots Baseball" and offer it to all of you, my friends, great baseball fans on Amazon. I can still hear those old familiar words following batting practice before a crowd of 35000 fans, "PLAY Ball!"

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Every Kid Should Play Baseball

Every kid should play baseball because they will be a better person when they grow up. Playing baseball? How can that be?

In sport shirt blue jeans and tennis shoes the boys and girls gathered on a corner lot. A splintered bat sent a tattered baseball flying high into the air. Racing toward the trees a fielder made the perfect catch.The crowd cheered watching them score runs.

In baseball kids learned how to develop good skills. Just how a ball was hit or caught amazed the fans.  

Baseball is all about teamwork. Nobody can do it alone and together they won ball games. 

On the baseball field kids learned about good social skills. Coping mechanisms offered big challenges during heated arguments.

All of life is a learning process. Why not let it start with baseball?



Friday, October 27, 2017

Houston Astros do the Impossible

It was the World Series game 2 and the Houston Astros won in eleven innings. Wow! Yes, they showed the world how to play baseball. 

Both the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros were evenly matched. The team that won the most games in their division plays the team that scored the most runs per game in 2017. 

In the 9th inning it was tied at 3-3. Then it was a see-saw battle into the 10th. In the eleventh it went 4-3, than 5-3, while L.A. got 1 in the bottom of the eleventh to make it 5-4. But that's all the Astros needed to come from behind and do the impossible.